Will Your Medicare Cover Dental?

One of the questions that so many people who are applying for Original Medicare want to know is whether the coverage will include dental care. The truth of the matter is that regular Medicare will not cover the normal dental care you need for the health of your teeth and mouth. They do not cover the normal things that most people consider when it comes to the dentist. For example, you will not have Medicare coverage for regular checkups and cleanings. They will not pay for fillings or for dentures either.

However, they may cover some dental services in certain instances. For example, if the dental service is necessary as a means to protect your general health, then it could cover the costs. For example, those who need to have an oral exam when they are in the hospital and about to go through a procedure such as a kidney transplant, will have this covered through Medicare. Surgery to treat jaw or face fractures, and dental splints because of jaw surgery would be covered under this as well.

If you need to have your teeth extracted for a medical procedure, then Medicare could pay for that. They will not pay for the dentures you will likely need after the procedure though. Medicare could pay for some hospitalizations related to dental issues. Infections after a tooth extraction, for example, would receive coverage.

As you can see, it can be quite frustrating to try to determine just what they will and will not cover. Whenever you are in doubt about the ability of the service to cover your dental needs, get in touch with them.

What About an Advantage Plan?

Medicare Part C, an Advantage Plan, is different from Original Medicare. It is possible to find a number of plans that can offer plenty of coverage for services such as hearing, vision, and even dental. Those who need dental care may want to consider an Advantage plan. They could also look into getting supplemental insurance instead, as this might be a better option if they are happy with their Original Medicare offerings except for the lack of dental.

Dental coverage is important at any age. You should always consider buying dental service just so you can be sure you are in perfect dental health and that you have the help you need, and know what it will cost, for everything from cleanings to dentures.