Diabetes and Medicare

Diabetes can be a very debilitating and deadly disease, especially when you do not get the treatment and supplies you need. Fortunately, Medicare is able to offer some help in this area.

What Do They Cover?

Medicare will cover a range of different items when it comes to diabetes. Those who have Original Medicare and Part B coverage will find that it can cover a range of different types of supplies, including testing strips for blood sugar, monitors, insulin, lancets, and therapeutic shoes and shoe inserts. In addition, Part B can even cover a number of services associate with the disease. It offers coverage for a yearly eye exam, a foot exam, glaucoma tests, self-management training, and even nutritional therapy services.

The above are services and supplies covered in Original Medicare. Those who may have a Medicare Advantage plan instead will want to check with their particular provider about what types of service and supplies they will cover. When choosing a plan, compare the costs as well as what types of services they will actually offer. In the end, you may find it is better to go with an Advantage plan, but this is not always the case.

What Will You Owe?

The amount of money that you will owe for the supplies or services vary based on a number of factors, such as whether you have supplemental insurance or not. Additionally, it depends on how much the doctor or the supplier charges, as well as just what you need to have. Those who have an Advantage plan may find that the coverage will take care of all, or most of the cost of the supplies and services.

Do You Need More Services?

In some cases, you may find that you actually need more in the way of service or supplies than your coverage allows. It is important to listen to the doctor and to have the healthcare that you actually need to remain as healthy as possible. However, this could mean that you need to pay for these other services out of pocket. Whenever a doctor recommends a service, it is important to speak with him or her about whether it really is necessary and to learn whether it is something Medicare will be able to pay for or not.

Always make sure you know exactly what types of services you qualify for and how much you will have to pay for your care so you are never without.